Club Lennox is a community-owned registered club in Lennox Head. The only venue of its kind in the area, we provide a facility that is family friendly, addressing the sporting, entertainment, social and recreational needs of the community. Our strategy for stability and to remain sustainable for our members & guests, is to focus on families and community. We are seeing huge growth in the numbers attending our club, and we need to ensure our facilities are compliant and functional.

Club Lennox has a wonderful history of over 60 years, and the venue plays an important part in gatherings such as birthday celebrations, sporting achievements and galas, in-remembrance functions, as well as engagements, birthdays, and professional meetings. The Club is an extremely relevant and important hub for the Lennox Head Community. There is no venue with similar facilities for social, recreational, sporting, and celebratory engagement within the 10 km either side of the growing town. We need to grow with our community to ensure we can give back and support our affiliates and members. 

Club Lennox is approximately two weeks away from shutting the doors. The Board, Management and staff have been working tirelessly to keep Club Lennox sustainable, yet with the overheads, salaries, debts, and the inability to grow with our community, we are simply surviving week to week. Due to the community growing and the Clubs inability to cater to events and functions (which is the only opportunity for ‘new revenue’), we cannot keep operating as we are. Our equipment is old, our IT system is outdated, our patrons are more family oriented, and we don’t have the facilities to ensure all our markets are enjoying their time at Club Lennox.

 Our vision here at Club Lennox is to provide the community with a first-class facility that is family friendly and addresses the sporting, entertainment, and recreational needs of the Lennox Head community. Our strategic plan includes the implementation of a range of initiatives to see this vision become a reality. Unfortunately, our inability to accumulate funds prevents us from making improvements that better accommodate today’s requirements, and as we are on Council land, we have no collateral for borrowing to make said improvements. 

Help your Club by joining or renewing your membership. And if you are feeling extra supportive, please donate to Club Lennox and help us keep our doors open.  Any donation of $2 or more is tax deductible through the Australian Sports Foundation, so please give generously and help us make Club Lennox great again.

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